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Tombola Pictures is comprised of two filmmakers, Co Founders, Brad James & Jay Laker from Southend-on-Sea, Essex.


Tombola Pictures have produced 5 short films to date two of their short films (Shelter by The Sea 2013 & BenchMarks 2015) have been exhibited at the Cannes Film Festival as part of the official selection for the Short Film Corner.


Brad and Jay have also had their films screened within the UK, at the Southend Short Film Festival 2011 (Reeled In and You Deplete Me) & the Norwhich Film Festival 2012 (Reeled In)

and BenchMarks was screened at the Tilbury Film Festival 2015.


Tombola are currently working on taking their Feature film Screenplays, "Doggers in the Mist" and "The Barbecue" into production

both of these films will be directed by Jay Laker.






























Raising faith mock dvd

When 16 year old Charlotte goes to a party and meets Jack she thinks she has fallen in love. But falling pregnant was not part of the plan. Neither was bringing the child up alone after Jack dies from a drug overdose. But when Dean, Jack’s best mate discovers this revelation he makes a decision even he didn’t expect. Charlotte also has to deal with the breakdown of her parent’s marriage as her situation brings up the past best forgotten.




The innocent and beautiful Vivian is led by the nose into a dirty dog’s life of bonnet bonking fiends, doggers!

Coming to the aid of the hapless heroine is the even more hapless hero, McGrath, a man who looks like Indian Jones if Indy had only 50p to dress himself with. The pair uncovers the mystery of the dogger’s and the Curse of Two-Tree Island!






… SHAUN and his girlfriend BECKY run into an old school mate ALEX, back from Uni, trying to revive the dregs of his former life. Having had a great time in the club, Becky invites Alex back to her flat. Heading home, they run into the homeless and rather exuberant BARRY. Becky invites him home too. Home is where Becky's heart is, a vibrant post-club party of weird and wonderful souls, eager to live their underclass lives to the full.


In Becky's flat, the early hours unfold into an insane maelstrom of drugs, drunkenness and gatecrashers. All of which is governed by the tumultuous love/hate of Shaun and Becky. Punctuated by Barry's poignant musings, Alex's paranoia and the inadvertent enmity ostensibly deflected Alex's way by Becky and Shaun's barbed observations.


The night descends into further madness. Frequenting the party down the road, a rave/masque ball. A nightmarish Midsummer Night's Dream that warns Alex onto hidden malice Becky and Shaun harbour towards him. Playing them at their own game, he throws himself into the torrent of the party




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